Boogie Monster

Boogie Monster

Boogie Monster takes you to that place in the sun, surfing those sweet and soulful waves of boogie and blues. As cool as the pacific breeze and as sweaty as a midsummer night.

Nolle, Henk, Tom and Beinte met musically after playing their local music scene in different bands. Funny how a simple love of songs can bring together faces you've known for years.
By the summer of 2019, the band had built a solid rock 'n soul live reputation playing festivals like Zwarte Cross, Mañaña Mañaña and supporting artists like DeWolff and Neal Francis.

Boogie Monster recorded their debut album Overnight with Pablo van de Poel just before the pandemic. It was released in '21 with a livestream release show featuring guest musicians from Broken Brass, DeWolff, the Grand East and many more.
Inspired by the power of the studio, the band spent their forced vacation from playing shows building their own Mermaid Studio, where they're currently sculpting a new sound and follow-up record.

Trust me, it will give you Goosebumps.


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Boogie Monster

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